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Best Antivirus Protection for Torrent Users and Up-loaders

File sharing and download can be a risky activity for any user, one that could unknowingly expose them to harmful software and malicious programs. Purchasing and installing security programs and software applications that may be able to reduce or even eliminate the risks associated with downloads may not be a concern that you can afford to ignore. With plenty of options available commercially or through download, users will never have to be without the protection and security they need to enjoy a Read the rest of this entry »

Antivirus Protection Options for Small Business Owners

As a business owner, you know how important it is to protect your valuable information. Most small business owners spend countless hours building their businesses, so you do not want to do anything that puts your business at risk.
Antivirus protection is a must for all of your computer systems. Even if your business technology is only comprised of one laptop, it is vital to be protected. Fortunately, there are many wonderful antivirus software options available.
The best type of antivirus protection depends greatly on Read the rest of this entry »

New Trends in Virus and Spam on the Internet

Viruses and spam can literally destroy your computer. If you get a virus on a brand new computer, the device will run as though it were several years old. Keeping your system updated and free of viruses can actually be easy, but you need the right type of software to help you accomplish this. It might be easy to say that you’ll just avoid going to weird sites that contain viruses, but the truth is that viruses can be found anywhere online. Many people Read the rest of this entry »

How does AVG Internet Security stack up?

AVG is a great way complement to your internet service. Internet service does not necessarily include everything one needs for safely surfing the web. To protect your computer and your information, a good antivirus program should always be used. A CLEAR internet subscriber has many options for this requirement. Perhaps the best is AVG.

Virtually anyone can use this software. Versions exist for users of Windows and Mac OS X. Those who favor less common operating systems such as Linux and FreeBSD need not worry, as editions exist for those systems as well.

For those using wireless internet, the free version can be downloaded quickly. To get started, a small download of less than 5 MB is needed. Once the install begins more will be downloaded, but it does not need to be watched. A user of clearwireless can grab this small file, start the install, and let it work on its own. This process can take just minutes.

After installation is completed, the AVG user’s computer will be protected from most viruses and malware. Daily updates will be provided by AVG to remain current with the always changing threat of viruses. A scan to find these threats can be set for any time of day. This is helpful so the virus protection can be used at times of day when work is not being done. A nice feature that needs little or no investment of time or money to go along with 4G internet.

Even though AVG Free provides good protection, more may be desired. For those who want more, a paid version is also available. This has extra features including the ability to check a link’s safety before it is clicked and blocking viruses from instant messaging. Paid service will also bring priority for daily updates, if the user thinks more urgent updates are necessary.

Easy to get, simple to install, effective, and little to no cost, AVG is a tremendous way to get something not always provided by internet service providers.

Top Five Antivirus Programs for the PC User on a Budget

While protecting a PC is important to all users, the cost may not be in the PC users’ budget. Luckily, there are some great and affordable, antivirus programs to choose from. Free is very affordable. Avast is the number one free antivirus program for PC users. This program comes with real-time shields, advanced browser protection and firewall. Microsoft Security Essentials in another top antivirus program that identifies and eliminates all malware threats immediately. Avira is another free Read the rest of this entry »

A look into the Future: The next Generation of Antivirus Software

The future of Antivirus Software looks pretty bright. People are pleased with a lot that is taking place now because much of it is free. There are some premium programs out there, but the future of antivirus software is found in free programs. This is where so many people are looking for tools to stop their computer viruses.

Lots of programs that were purchased in stores had one main problems: it only protected the computer for a year or so. This isn’t all that great if there are free programs that Read the rest of this entry »

The Best All Around Antivirus Protection for 2012

Microsoft has done it again. The company made billions in operating system software and faded into oblivion. They didn’t go anywhere because just about all corporations still use Microsoft Office. It isn’t dead, Microsoft just hides out in the background. They were hiding quite well until the antivirus market started to make some complaints.

There were so many antivirus programs out there that just weren’t cutting it. It appeared to be a multimillion dollar business, but lots of people were still getting viruses. Read the rest of this entry »

A Quick look at the Pros and Cons Panda Antivirus Pro

Panda Antivirus Pro was developed by the Spanish company Panda Security SL. It has been tested by a multitude of companies and has earned high marks and great reviews among many critics. Panda Antivirus Pro has earned many software awards over the years because it offers inovation and superior protection. One of the advantages of using this software is that, while it offers protection for all of the main avenues of potential threat (email, instant messaging, files on disk, and web browsing), it gives Read the rest of this entry »

The Downfall of Norton Antivirus and its Possible Comeback

When people hear of Norton Antivirus the dread and downright hate comes out. Norton is one of those programs that comes preinstalled on computers and dominate the antivirus section in stores. The hate spreads to online forums, comments and message boards–they literally go out of their way to recommend anything but Norton. Norton has a bad reputation for using too much computer resources to operate which slows the computer down. The virus scan leaves too Read the rest of this entry »